Who we are

We are passionate about creating talent centred cultures.

Our Mission

Unlocking performance through confidence, capability and connection.

15 years ago we discovered the CliftonStrengths® assessment and it unlocked a powerful understanding of why people behave the way they do. It also laid the foundations for understanding how to build great teams that do great work.

Since then, we have helped over 20 000 people begin their journey towards greater personal confidence in who they are and what they bring.

We believe that high performing teams are created by connecting confident, capable people who have clarity about what they can be trusted for. This is our mission.

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"...I now have a problem-free, enthusiastic, passionate & motivated team!"
- 5 star Hospitality Manager
Our Promise

To focus, build on what's right with people.

We understand what it means to inspire, engage and align people in order to do great work. We have global experience in applying Gallup' remarkable tool CliftonStrengths® to unlock the potential of individuals and teams. In the process we continue to develop unique and effective ways of applying our knowledge of human behaviour to generate tangible behavioural shift.

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Who we are

Dee Hurry - CEO & Lead Coach

"I am endlessly curious & passionate about people."

Dee delivers refreshingly practical mentorship and training for teams and individuals, helping to create, grow and connect genuine confidence.

She has a natural talent for generating trust and making the complex simple, and is described by those she works with as honest, insightful, direct, caring and passionate.

Bringing over 20 years' experience in corporate marketing, projects, asset management, coaching and consulting to her current passion work, she has a deep understanding of the daily challenges we face in our working environments. More importantly, she has a heart for helping people find their confidence and do excellent, satisfying and purposeful work.

Simon Hurry - Founder, Chief Inspiration Officer

"It's simple. I create clarity and shift."

Simon is passionate about creating clarity and maintaining momentum towards progress. Very little about him celebrates mediocrity. He brings 27 years' experience in the business of people and growing performance. His study has intentionally focused  on the psychology generated by talent, and how people can be inspired and guided to maximise who they are and how they do things.

Described by everyone who meets him as being charismatic, accurately insightful and genuinely intentional about helping people move forward, Simon brings his own unique style to everything he does.

He has shared his powerful and transformational processes with coaches, leaders, managers and teams ranging from start-ups to large corporate businesses across the US, Singapore, the UK, Europe and Africa.

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"This is eerily spot on. I don’t know how you do what you do, but you hit the nail on the head. Well done, sir. Well done. And most importantly, THANK YOU."
"Just wanted to thank you for being instrumental in helping us to refocus and in enabling me to move forward in confidence in the right direction."
"Just wanted to thank you for being instrumental in helping us to refocus and in enabling me to move forward in confidence in the right direction."

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