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Your team, stronger.

The power of synergy

Imagine if your team loved working together.

What could they do?

Get more from your team in a powerful yet simple way that helps you meet your current challenges, AND ensures they understand and respect each other better.

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Confident, aligned people are more collaborative, and capable.

Trust is the key to synergy and productivity. Trust is personal (who you are) and practical (what you say you will do).

Enable your team to grow trust in themselves and others so they can hit their individual and collective goals more efficiently and effectively, together.

Experts at applying CliftonStrengths® to enable greater trust.

Step 1 : Train In person or online sessions that teach your team how to appreciate their own and others' natural ability and work styles, and leverage these better.
Step 2 : Align Performance is impossible without agreement around priorities and goals, so we ensure your team is fully aligned around their collective goals and individual accountability.
Step 3 : Coach Our mentorship and coaching connects each person to their natural work style in a way that maximises individual confidence and capability.
Step 4 : Maintain When conflict and misunderstandings happen, we provide you with skilled facilitation that shifts perspectives and ensures greater understanding and trust.
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"...I now have a problem-free, enthusiastic, passionate & motivated team."
- 5 star Hospitality Manager

Successful teams know how to maximise, align and connect uniqueness.

It doesn't have to be rocket science to understand and leverage difference in a team - discover what makes each person tick so you can grow trust, collaborate effectively and create great work.

What we do

We are in the business of enabling people to do great work.

How we can help your team?
30+ years of combined experience.
Global leaders in CliftonStrengths® application.
Motivated to see your people and business thrive.
Passionate about better, smarter work and happier people.
"The awareness feels liberating, as it gives me the power to control how I show up and how I add value."
"To have Dee Hurry as my mentor and coach has been nothing but awe-inspiring. I am experiencing growth and feel excitement as I peel away the layers."
"Simon is not an only an inspirational orator but a lot of fun and the tools and concepts used IRO signature strengths were so accurate one would think he was psychic."
"Thank you very much for the sessions. They helped me find answers to so many questions I have had about my professional growth. I have a better idea of how to work better and also how to map out my future at the company."
"Just wanted to thank you for being instrumental in helping us to refocus and in enabling me to move forward in confidence in the right direction."

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