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Unlock new levels of trust, improve communication, reduce stress and conflict.

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Time is valuable. People are busy. Which is why this workshop has been carefully crafted to pack the maximum punch in the shortest possible time.

You probably know this story...

You organise a team strategy session. The energy is good. Everyone politely nods about what needs to be done and agrees to work together.

Three months later, it's chaos - people heading in different directions, stressed, overworked, frustrated; some even refusing to work with others.

What happened?

Under pressure people simply do things their way irrespective of what has been said or agreed upon.

This workshop will give you essential insight into how to turn this natural behaviour into a powerful outcome.

Did You Know

A high level of trust between employees and their bosses increases the likelihood of labour productivity to around 5% above the industry average.

Did You Know

In 2017 66% of employees said they would "likely leave their job if they didn't feel appreciated." This is up significantly from 51% of employees who felt this way in 2012.
- Forbes

The discovery that changes the game

The discovery that changes the game

Why is trust so elusive? Why do 'team builds', 'trust falls' and 'brave discussions' so often not work?

Think about it. We find it really difficult to trust people because they do not behave the way we expect them to. How hard can it be?! If only we could convince people to change certain aspects - a dash more of this, a dollop of that, they would be incredible humans and then we could trust them! Right? 

What if people are hardwired to behave the way they do?

This then is one of the most profound discoveries of our time. People can grow and learn new skills, but they cannot change their intrinsic nature.

No matter how much you plead with them.
Or pay them.

Perhaps it's time we looked at working with who people really are, rather than who we need them to be.

The Play Nicely difference

You can tell people to play nicely or you can simply enable them to see people differently.

People want to succeed. But they want to succeed their way. They want to play nicely, but they want to do it their way.
This is not because of some weird form of narcism, this is because when people do things their way, they come alive!

People are not trying to be difficult - they are just trying to find meaning in what they do.

People come alive when they do what they love. Productive, strong teams
dancing man celebrating who he is - Power of Us workshop transforms team dynamics

With this transformational workshop, we shift perception from who we think people are to who they really are.
We believe that the moment people see the power in being different, people can put their energy into solving real problems instead of fighting for who they are.

Aha moments will light up the room as we reveal the wonderful truth about how each person builds trust and more importantly, what you can do about it.

Brilliant workshop. Simon Hurry is fantastic and so energetic. Really made me believe in these principles.

Senior member, Xlink Exco


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EXPERIENCE the Power of us

A universally celebrated workshop your team will love

Presented by South Africa's charismatic & most experienced CliftonStrengths© expert

Motivational, impactful & hilariously accurate - leave your ego at the door!

Re-ignites, re-energises teams & gives hope as they see themselves & others positively

Instantly allows each person to feel understood, heard & valued - creates profound understanding

Immediately shifts perceptions
about who people really are & where their talent is

Available to be run anywhere in the world - drop us a message & let's talk

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I am now positive about my job and I am ready to shine.

Team member,
Adcock Ingram

Had loads of laughter that says to me we all learned. We learned from each other about each other. Loved it!!! Thank you!

Exco member,

Insightful and most interactive and inclusive workshop of this nature that I've ever attended.

Senior member,
Stanlib Distribution

Which Power of Us experience is best for your team?

3/4 Day Workshop

Give your team an opportunity to see the amazingness of individual talent, its power AND its impact. Trust starts here.

6 hours of fun, appreciation & insight. Massive new understanding guaranteed.

Minimum 7 attendees, Maximum 24

One year full access to the Talent to Titan App, designed to support, inform & inspire.

Focus on team dynamics.

Conference / Large Groups

Simon is a dynamic, powerful and intuitive speaker. Crafting an exceptional journey with every presentation is his most powerful talent.

3 hours. Dynamic. Impactful. Inspiring.

Minimum 25 attendees.

One year full access to the Talent to Titan App, designed to support, inform & inspire.

Shift group energy, instantly.

Meet Simon -
Described by everyone who meets him as being charismatic, passionate and insightful, Simon brings a unique style to what he does.

Always ensuring exceptional levels of engagement no matter the size of the group, he blends his humour seamlessly into his approach. While the content invariably packs a punch, people still remember that laughter is always the best medicine.

Simon is an experience on his own.

Everything Simon shares comes from his own, lived experience, at both a personal and a professional level. He refuses to lead anyone where he has not gone first. Since he first studied behavioral science in his “hair” days, he has been fascinated by why people do what they do.

Now, after 27 years in the business of people, he has developed a methodology which he believes will enable people to thrive in a world in which relationships are deteriorating at a rapid rate and trust is at its lowest. Being highly innovative by nature, and committed to the maxim “simply but better”, Simon's approach is intuitive and effective.

He believes implicitly in the potential of everyone to live remarkable, deeply fulfilling lives. They just need to be shown how and then given the choice.

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