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Fantasy of Fulfilment

When you go to bed at night you want to go to bed feeling that you have had a fulfilling day. But this does not happen unless you have achieved three things with your day:

  1. Know that you were really good at something (you smashed it!);
  2. You are making progress with your life (closer to your dreams);
  3. That you felt appreciated and valued for your contribution (you rock!).

Think about it for a second. Score each of these three things out of 5 for the day you had yesterday. S what did you score out of 15? Do you really want to know? If your score is 10 or more then there is a really good chance that you got up this morning energised and intentional. Between 6 and 10 and you could have started today a little cautiously. But less than 6....getting yourself going this morning might have been a looooong process.

Driving up your score requires a focus on two keys activities; what you are doing day to day and how you are relating to others.

Take time to understand your talents. They represent your quickest route to achieving deeply satisfying work of the highest standard. They also impact how you perceive others.

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